Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who Took Your Health?

The majority of Americans have been raised in a healthcare system that robs us of our divinely granted birthright as soon as we take our first breath. Our children’s bodies are probed, prodded, injected, and given antibiotics at the earliest of ages. The message? We need things from the outside to protect our insides … that we were not created perfectly but instead are flawed and weak. We are taught fear instead of certainty, reliance instead of empowerment. What we are not told is that health and wellbeing are an intrinsic quality of all living things. Our natural state is one of constantly striving for balance and homeostasis. Our innate ability to heal is an amazing quality that should be cherished. So if we agree that being in an optimum state of health is normal and our bodies are constantly seeking that point, why are we so sick? Heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases. The people that succumb to these diseases have the same ability to heal as anyone yet they have had their health taken from them. But how can an innate healing capacity be taken from us? The truth is that the majority of our society has simply given it away. We have given away the responsibility for guarding, cultivating and strengthening our own health and the health of our families. Instead we have placed our trust in sickness care and mega-corporations that have anything but your health and wellbeing on their agenda. We abate symptoms and suppress our immune systems. We remove organs rather than replenish our systems. We have turned our backs on our innate ability to heal and now rely on technology to survive. I declare that we were designed to flourish, not simply survive. To survive means to endure or continue to exist. Existence is not the goal of life. If that were so we would have no need for the Mona Lisa, Beethoven, baseball, or religion.

I come from a philosophy that tells us that cancer is not caused by a shortage of chemotherapy or radiation, that uteruses were not made to last only forty years and that cholesterol is harmless and plays an essential role in many biochemical processes. So why have we become so willing to give up our parts and inject poison into our veins? The blame does not lie with the sickness model of healthcare or Big Pharma. It is pointless to attack medicine and the pharmaceutical corporations. They are simply supplying a demand. Remove the demand and we remove the supply from the marketplace. Simple economics. So don’t point fingers or place blame. Instead, empower and educate yourself and take back the responsibility and right to perfect health.

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