Friday, March 27, 2009

Awakening the Genius Within

True genius resides within each and every one of us. Being able to recognize that genius is not always easy as we have been conditioned throughout life many times not to strive or reach for much. We have been told we can’t do this or we can’t do that but in reality there is absolutely nothing we cannot do, be or have in life as long as we can envision it and be dedicated to it’s manifestation. Geniuses are able to determine what it is that they would truly love to do in life and then be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish whatever it is.

We are blessed with the ability to change our reality by changing our perceptions. The simple changing of our thoughts will change our outcomes. We often talk to ourselves in ways we would never let anyone else talk to us. Why is that? Why is it so hard for us to stand in front of the mirror, look deep into our eyes and tell ourselves "I love you." Try it. It's not easy for most. If it is, then great! You're ahead of the game. If it isn't, try doing that every morning upon rising for 30 days and see if your circumstances, finances, relationships, and health don't improve. It's impossible for it not too. As soon as you allow yourself to truly love yourself you are ready to transform your life and awaken the genius within.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where Do I Start?

For most of us the task of taking care of ourselves and improving our health seems daunting and scary to say the least. We have been taught that we are not smart enough to look after our own health and must rely on a man in a white coat to dispense the magic bullet to cure whatever ails us. Change is never easy. Especially when we are faced with a major health challenge. Why do most diets fail? Because people cut out all the things they love and have been eating for years and view it as a loss. Dieting is usually very draining physically as well as emotionally. It’s no wonder most people are not successful trying to lose weight in that manner. As my friend Kate Romero likes to say, “Diet translates to ‘die it.’”

Only extremely disciplined individuals with incredible will power can successfully incorporate major shifts in behavior. For most of us the best way to incorporate change is to do so in small steps. Setting attainable goals individually. Creating new habits one at a time. Diets and the breaking of addictions do not usually work because there is a perceived loss of something you enjoy, something that you may have loved and perhaps been rewarded with as a child. Then you will always perceive the diet or change in habit as a negative factor, coming between you and happiness. If on the other hand you can reevaluate the thing you want to change and see how it has served you in the past, then you can replace it with something positive to take the place of whatever it was doing for you.

Take for instance individuals suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The constant need to open and close doors three times or wash their hands repeatedly serves a very definite purpose in their lives. The comfort and security the compulsive activity provides psychologically are a great benefit in allowing them to function in other areas. However, many people with this disorder suffer terribly from the stigma associated with the disorder and often feel imprisoned by the urge to do these repetitive tasks. The key to freedom from this and any addiction is being able to see both the positive and negative qualities of the action, how it is serving you and what positive action steps can be taken to replace the unwanted activity. However, without a sincere desire to change or stop the activity, no long-lasting results can ever be attained.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who Took Your Health?

The majority of Americans have been raised in a healthcare system that robs us of our divinely granted birthright as soon as we take our first breath. Our children’s bodies are probed, prodded, injected, and given antibiotics at the earliest of ages. The message? We need things from the outside to protect our insides … that we were not created perfectly but instead are flawed and weak. We are taught fear instead of certainty, reliance instead of empowerment. What we are not told is that health and wellbeing are an intrinsic quality of all living things. Our natural state is one of constantly striving for balance and homeostasis. Our innate ability to heal is an amazing quality that should be cherished. So if we agree that being in an optimum state of health is normal and our bodies are constantly seeking that point, why are we so sick? Heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases. The people that succumb to these diseases have the same ability to heal as anyone yet they have had their health taken from them. But how can an innate healing capacity be taken from us? The truth is that the majority of our society has simply given it away. We have given away the responsibility for guarding, cultivating and strengthening our own health and the health of our families. Instead we have placed our trust in sickness care and mega-corporations that have anything but your health and wellbeing on their agenda. We abate symptoms and suppress our immune systems. We remove organs rather than replenish our systems. We have turned our backs on our innate ability to heal and now rely on technology to survive. I declare that we were designed to flourish, not simply survive. To survive means to endure or continue to exist. Existence is not the goal of life. If that were so we would have no need for the Mona Lisa, Beethoven, baseball, or religion.

I come from a philosophy that tells us that cancer is not caused by a shortage of chemotherapy or radiation, that uteruses were not made to last only forty years and that cholesterol is harmless and plays an essential role in many biochemical processes. So why have we become so willing to give up our parts and inject poison into our veins? The blame does not lie with the sickness model of healthcare or Big Pharma. It is pointless to attack medicine and the pharmaceutical corporations. They are simply supplying a demand. Remove the demand and we remove the supply from the marketplace. Simple economics. So don’t point fingers or place blame. Instead, empower and educate yourself and take back the responsibility and right to perfect health.

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