Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

A patient came into the office three days ago. Beaten, weary and lifeless from a three week bout with mono. Barely able to do a load of laundry without fatigue taking over, she ached from head to toe. Her body put up a damn good fight. But who or what was it fighting? Microscopic viruses? Bacteria laden door handles? In reality she was fighting herself. Stressed by life’s dramas and demands, she had pushed herself to the breaking point. A married, mother of four, she was the only one bound to bed as her body struggled to shrug off the invaders. Why had mono sapped her energy but not that of her 14 year old son? The answer is simple.

Life in the 21st century however is not. Rushing, running, driving, cell phones, media blitzes, computer screens, homeland security. We have stepped out of our comfort zones and into a processed, sterilized, fear-ridden world. No longer listening to our intuition, we have become ripe for infection and disease. While cleanliness, antibiotics and surgery have extended life, we have traded tuberculosis and small pox in for the chronic diseases of cancer, diabetes and other autoimmune disorders.

Life follows a simple plan and simple laws are passed from mother to offspring without fail. However, the majority of the human race is no longer listening to the inner voice that spells it all out. Our educated minds have clouded our instinctual ability to live and flourish in a state of health and wellness. We have sacrificed health for comfort. Wellness for technology.

These laws our not mine. They are ours. A natural birthright of every living thing. It is an honor to help remind you of them.

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